International Routing [ Edit ]

This whitepaper gives a general overview of traditional IPv4 route selection and the challenges posed by the dynamics of the R&E; community. Through a comparison with the commercial world, the authors illustrate the current problem and propose several solutions to mitigate the issues.

Author: Chris Robb (chrobb at grnoc dot iu dot edu)

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Fall 2007 Internet 2 Members Meeting | San Diego, CA

Presentations given at the Fall 2007 Internet2 Members Meeting concerning RENOG can be found below.

Author: Martin Swany
Title:Topology Schema
Download: PDF

Author: Jin Tanaka
Title: BGP Routing with Communities
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Author: Brent Sweeny
Title: BGP path 'hinting' proposal
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Author: Yuchi Kurokawa
Title: R&E; Routing ComPATH Project
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Author: RENOG
Title: RENOG BoF
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Author: Akira Kato
Title: Routing with BGP Communities
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