Spring 2009 Internet2 Members Meeting

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Presentations from the Spring 2009 Internet2 Members Meeting can be found here

- Chad Kotil (ckotil at indiana dot edu)


Monday, May 22, 2006

Welcome to the Research and Education Network Operators Group (RENOG) homepage. The goal of RENOG is to facilitate the technical discussion between network operators in the research and education space. The dynamics and topology of the R&E networks are vastly different than those that exist in the commercial world. RENOG provides an avenue for technical discussion of issues and challenges specific to the R&E world. Engineers from all R&E networks are encouraged to join and actively participate in network discussion.

As the RENOG is developed over the summer of 2006, this website will be updated to include any new resources developed. In the meantime, we've provided some draft documents and presentations that are related to the project.

There is also a mailing list available that will be used to inform those interested of events occuring within RENOG.

- Mitch prednisone McCracken (mrmccrac at indiana dot edu)