(adapted from NANOG)

1. Preamble

The Research and Education Network Operators' Group (RENOG) exists to promote dialog between people concerning the creation, maintenance and operation of research and education (R/E) networks worldwide. RENOG is not itself a network operator--rather, it is a facilitator of discussion, learning, and technical communication between network operations professionals. RENOG provides a forum where people from the network research community, the network operator community and the network vendor community can come together to identify and solve the problems that arise in operating and growing the global R/E network infrastructure.

2. Name

The name of the activity is the Research and Education Network Operators' Group (RENOG).

3. Mission

The purpose of RENOG is to provide a forum for education and the sharing of knowledge for the R/E network operations community worldwide.

RENOG is a community forum where technical matters pertaining to network operations and network technology deployment in R/E networks may be discussed among experts. Such discussions may focus on, but are certainly not limited to, experiences with new protocols and backbone technologies, implications of routing policies on the global R/E network as a whole, measurement techniques and measurements of R/E network health and performance, areas in which inter-provider cooperation can be mutually beneficial (such as NOC coordination or security incident response).

RENOG serves as a bridge between the technical staff of leading R/E network prednisone providers close to network operations, technical communities such as standards bodies, and the academic community. RENOG will maintain a high level of technical content in the mailing list and all related activities.